Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Punk pic! Cameras roll on "Tommy & Legs"!

Hey, you all! Just back from a year in Kowloon and a pile of news on my desk at the Alta Nido. First release comes from my pals at Frozen Pictures, who are off to San Antonio, Texas next week to shoot more of their upcoming film on Sixties pop legend Chris Montez, while at the same time announcing to me exclusively a new project which already has lens caps off and production underway.

Tommy & Legs, they tell me is "the story of punk rock," told through the lives and work of a couple of childhood buddies from Connecticut who grew up to change and rock the world.

Back to work at the Alto Nido and see you on the town tonight.

Consuela kept the place clean but she didn't stick the letter opener into any of the mail.

Carry on!

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